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“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture”. Frantz Fanon

“To have a language is to possess another soul”. Charlemagne

Not only in California but across the United States, knowledge of a foreign language is an invaluable asset that can open endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Majors in world languages lead to successful careers in education, linguistics, journalism, law, business, translation, interpretation, international relations, human rights, arts, history, hospitality and non-profit organization to name a few.

Much more than satisfying a requirement for graduation, learning a language changes an individual for life. It broadens our reality, brings nuances to our thought process and enhances our critical thinking skills. In addition, it increases knowledge of our own language.

Being able to understand and communicate in a new language connects us to another culture and set of values. It prepares us to better understand and respect others as well as educating us to better know our own world. Knowing another language is a personal wealth that affords us relationships, careers and opportunities at a global level.

The Spanish discipline at Norco College offers the Spanish 1 (SPA-1), Spanish 2 (SPA-2), Spanish 3 (SPA-3), Spanish 4 (SPA-4), and Spanish 8 (SPA-8) courses.




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