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What is RAVE Guardian?
RAVE Guardian is a FREE Smartphone-based security application that allows users to call 911, call RCCD police, set up a timed virtual escort, notify specific people about their status and location, and text RCCD Police about security threats or other problems.  

What are the features of RAVE Guardian?
RAVE Guardian has six (6) distinct features: 

Guardian icon

This feature allows users to identify specific friends, family, and others as “GUARDIANS.” During a timer virtual escort session, “Guardians” and RCCD Police dispatchers can check the status of the user before the timer expires. 

911 icon
CALL 911 is a direct dial feature to 911 operators for Rave Guardian. There are times when dialing a number can attract more attention than you want. With this function, users can simply touch the CALL 911 button, confirm the call to 911, and the application does the rest.

call police icon

The CALL RCCD POLICE feature can serve the user in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Users can activate the CALL RCCD POLICE as a panic button to contact the RCCD Police in the event of an emergency. This provides an enhanced benefit over 911 because the RCCD Police can access your location via GPS and the responding units will be able to view your user profile. The Police Department can only access your location is you set up the app to permit it. 

timer icon
The SAFETY TIMER function allows Guardian to serve as a virtual escort for the user. The user simply estimates the time it will take to get from one place to other, sets the timer for the estimated time, and starts their journey. The application timer winds down until it expires. If the user does not deactivate the timer before it expires, the application notifies designated Guardians and the RCCD Police that something is wrong. The police access the user profile and tracking functions of the device to geographically identify their location. 

Tip icon

SEND A TIP allows the user to send an anonymous, two-way communication related to a crime or security tip directly to the RCCD Police. The application includes a list of possible problems like bullying, accidents, suspicious activity, etc. The user can also use the “other” description for problems not included in the list. 

email icon
The MAILBOX feature allows Guardian to send the user helpful information about the application to include reminders for updates, new features, etc. to always keep users informed. 

How do I Access RAVE Guardian?

  • STEP 1 – DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION ON YOUR SMART DEVICE. - On your Smart device, search your app store for the Rave Guardianapplication developed by Rave Mobile Safety.Download the application to your Smart device. 
  • STEP 3: CREATE ACCOUNT - Enter Your Basic Information to include (1) first name, (2) last name, (3) preferred e-mail address, and (4) your mobile number. 
  • STEP 4: CONFIRM MOBILE CARRIER - Verify the mobile carrier listed is accurate for your device. If not, select your carrier from the list of carriers provided. 
  • STEP 5: CONFIRM MOBILE NUMBER - RAVE will send a 4-digit confirmation code to the mobile number you entered on the account creation page. This process is used to validate the mobile number provided. 


How do I use RAVE Guardian? 

You can directly access all of the RCCD features from the home page of the app. The HOME PAGE access screen includes Guardians, InBox, Safety Timer, Send a Tip, Call RCCD Police, and Call 911. This will be the starting point for all functions within the Rave Guardian App. 

Start by setting up your user profile. Rave Guardian allows users to build a unique user profile that first responders and police will use to help you. Take your time with this step. The more information you provide the better the response. Access the user profile by selecting the “ME” icon on the home screen. The “My Account” screen will appear. You can add (1) a current photo, (2) your basic identifying information like address, phone numbers, etc., (3) emergency contact information, (4) information about your home and vehicles, and (5) even provide details about your pets. The process takes about 10 minutes but it is worth the time because you never know what piece of information will help you in the event of an emergency. 

If you intend to use the GUARDIANS function, you should set it up immediately. You will have to go to your “privacy” settings, tap on “contacts”, and then slide the button to the right to permit Rave Guardian to access your contacts. Next, bring up the Rave Guardian app and tap the “Guardians” icon. Tap the “+” icon and a list of your contacts will appear. Scan down until you find the person(s) you want to serve as your guardians. Tap the cell phone contact number for the Guardian and an invitation screen will come up. Tap the “Send” button and the invitation will be sent. The Guardian will receive an invitation via text with a link to download the App. This is the beginning of building your network of contacts within the app to help you keep your friends and family notified in the event of an emergency involving you. 

You can set your SAFETY TIMER by picking the appropriate time and your Guardian or Guardians from the menu. You can even use your phone’s native speech-to-text tools to set the Safety Timer status. The Safety Timer button on the home screen shows your active Safety Timer. Tapping the Safety Timer button brings you to the Safety Timer screen where you can deactivate your timer or update your status. 

CALL 911
When you tap the “CALL 911” Button – you will confirm that you want to call 911 and, when you tap “confirm”, the call will be made. CALL RCCD POLICE When you tap the “CALL RCCD POLICE” button you will you will confirm you want to call the Police and the call will be made directly to RCCD dispatch. If you have allowed the Guardian App access to location services the advantage to calling RCCD Police through the App is the RCCD Police Department will have access to your GPS coordinates and your safety profile. This means even if you cannot talk, the police have your location and will be able to locate you quickly. 

The SEND A TIP button is on the home screen. Choosing a category communicates the nature of your tip to District Police. The app allows you to choose whether or not to send anonymously. Replies in a tip conversation appear in your Inbox. 

You can swipe right from the Home Screen to access the app menu, and swipe left to access the Inbox preview. The Inbox preview shows the five most recent app actions. Tapping any notification shows more details. Tapping the View All button opens the Inbox. 

The INBOX feature provides the user with access to all active app sessions, including your Safety Timers, Safety Timers in which you are an active Guardian, and any tip sessions. Tapping any notification shows more detail. You can also preview the Inbox by swiping left on the home screen.

Who can use RAVE Guardian?
The application is available for use by all currently registered RCCD students and current employees of RCCD. Subscribers to the application must use an RCCD e-mail address to logon.