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Start Your Research

Before jumping in and selecting a major and/or a university, you should ask yourself 'What do I want to do?" Exploring careers is a vital part of transfer success. Knowing what kind of degree you need for the job you want will keep you motivated, save you time, and save you money.

Career Exploration and Decision Making

There are many opportunities for you to explore careers while satisfying the requirements for transfer.

Start with "Why?": The first step in the career development process is to learn about how good decisions are made, acknowledge all the external factors that influence your decisions, and assess the core values in your life that define what you want in a career.

You can learn about external influences in an interpersonal communication (COM 9) or a psychology (PSY 9) course, and you can help further your "why" by taking a guidance course. We have several at Norco College to help you understand who you are, and explore careers and decision-making, and college success strategies. Check them out:

  • GUI 47: Career Exploration and Life Planning
  • GUI 48: College Success Strategies

General Transfer Requirements

To be eligible to transfer as an upper-division student to a California State University (CSU) or a University of California (UC), you need to satisfy General Education and Major Preparation. The General education pattern will depend on which school system (CSU, UC, Private, out of state_ you want to prepare to transfer to. Your major prep will depend on the University. 

Requirements can differ depending on the university, so please be sure to meet with a counselor if you are preparing to apply to multiple universities.



Major Preparation

At Norco College, you can complete your major preparation for many universities. Once you have explored career options, you should meet with a counselor to help you determine the best major that will help you prepare for your future career. In addition, here are some tools to help you explore majors, career opportunities, and major preparation requirements for CSU and UC Campuses:


Connect with the Transfer Center

This is a lot of information, but don't worry - We got you! Connect with the Transfer Center so we can walk you through all of this. Just ask for Natalie. 


Meet with Natalie!

Educational Advisor, Transfer Center
Text: (650) 492-8607