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Glen Graham


Glen Graham

Associate Professor, Electronics/Electricity

Norco College School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships


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Norco College Students Build Prosthetic Hand

Norco College Students Build Prosthetic Hand

Original article date: November 28, 2017

Norco College School of STEM students, Brian Lim and Caesar Navarro tinkered with the idea of building a prosthetic hand during a field trip to San Francisco University last year. Later, they heard about an opportunity to partner with Loma Linda University, a partnership that was established by Norco College electronics instructor, Glen Graham.

Loma Linda University and Norco College discussed the opportunity to open up the partnership to more students and decided to implement the service learning project. Loma Linda University sent several of their Master’s candidates from their Orthopedics and Prosthetics department for their service learning projects, a requirement of their program, to work with Norco College students. The School of STEM students, from all walks of life, along with other interested students and advisors Andy Robles and Glen Graham performed Engineering designs of a prosthesis. The designs were exported to 3D printers and Fusion Deposition Modeling machines. The students are anticipating to continue the project in Spring and fine tune a more advanced hand.

“The partnership provides educational opportunities to our students beyond the traditional setting while promoting collaboration between the students, faculty and Loma Linda participants,” said Ashley Etchison, director, Strong Workforce program. “This innovative approach to learning, utilizes emerging technology to create a life-changing device.”

Students presented on November 21, at the RCCD Board of Trustees meeting.

School of STEM students involved in the project:

1) Ceasar Navarro, Mechanical Engineering: Engineering Pathways; President, STEM Club
2) Sherrie Zettlemoyer
3) Cesar Cerda
4) Edmar Ramos, Computer Science; Software Engineering Club
5) Tandy Dang, Computer Science; Software Engineering Club President
6) Jethro Sapino, Mechanical Engineering; STEM Club
7) Esteban Tabares, Physics; Software Engineering Club
8) Danh Dang
9) Tyler Hackett, Computer Science & Engineering; Norco Software Engineering Club
10) Paul Guyett, Aerospace Engineering
11) Ian Harshbarger
12) Ryan Melendez
13) Abdul Hakim Abbas, Computer Science Major; Software Engineering Club
14) Sean Lester-Wilson, Software Engineer
15) Brian Lim, Computer Science & Engineering; STEM Mentor, Philosophies Affair Club President, Software Engineering Club

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