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Faculty Professional Development Request Form

Limited funding for professional development activities not covered by your department budget is available for faculty. Contact your Department Chair or Direct Supervisor to determine if full or partial department funding is available before submitting a request. Requests for funding may be submitted by individuals only. Before submitting your application, you must receive endorsement from your Department Chair to verify that this professional development activity fits within the scope of your duties at the college.
Please note: When completing the form you will be asked to upload the approval of support from your department chair or dean.

First- Click below on the Faculty Professional Development Request button to access Nuventive:

FPD Request form.png

Log into Nuventive using your college email and password. If this is your first time logging into the system please contact Charise Allingham for access. 

Next- Find your Program Review Unit and click on Faculty Professional Development

1. Find your department review unit 2. Click on the Program Review tab 3. Click on Faculty Professional Development  

  1. Click on the green plus to start a new requestGreen plus add new.png.
  2. Fill out the form to the best of your ability and upload your travel approval from your department chair or dean. 

  3. Don't forget to Approve, Submit and email Eileen Cechini.

Approve and Submit.png

Deadline to submit: Funding requests must be approved prior to travel (no exceptions). To be considered for funding, a complete application must be submitted 45 days before the activity for in-state travel. Out-of-state travel, as well as travel beyond 500 miles from Norco College, must be submitted 60 days before the event. See RCCD Policy 6900 and RCCD Administrative Procedure 6907 for more information.

Please note: Once approved and submitted your request will be submitted to the Faculty Professional Development Committee for funding consideration. If unfunded your request will be submitted through the next resource allocation process with all other program review resource requests.  

Any questions please contact: Eileen Cechini or the Faculty Professional Development Chair



  1. Discuss desired professional development and secure approval from department chair or Dean.

  2. Complete Faculty Professional Development Form in Nuventive (See instructions above)

  3. Submit the form and email Eileen Cechini to alert the FD administrator that your professional development request has been completed. 

  4.  The Professional Development Administrator reviews request and consults with Professional Development Committee chairs (if necessary). A decision will be emailed to applicant within 10 business days. 

      • If travel is approved, Eileen Cechini will contact applicant to initiate the travel process via Concur.

      • Applicant makes own travel arrangements for approved travel costs.

      • After the activity is completed, applicant submits receipts in Concur and provides a copy of information plan materials to the Professional Development administrator for record keeping purposes only. 

      • FLEX CREDIT: Complete and submit flex credit form and evidence to Nicole Brown or SSV 127.