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Canvas is a learning management system (LMS), from Instructure, which lets you create educational courses.  Canvas enables our students to continue their education from home by allowing them to receive online instruction.  It lets you create courses that look like web pages.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Access*

Canvas Learning Management System uses the RCCD Single Sign-On system (SSO).  All users attempting to access Canvas will now see the Microsoft SSO login prompt when they sign in.  Users should enter the same userID and password they employ for the RCCD email system or Microsoft Office 365.  As an added bonus, an icon for the Canvas application appears in the RCCD SSO portal,
Canvas Single Sign-On icon
*If you were given access to the Student Support Hub ( in Canvas with a unique login ID and password, you will need to continue to login using

Students - Getting Started

Our district uses Canvas for all online courses. RCCD provides support in multiple ways:

Is Online Learning for Me?

If you're interested in the idea of online learning but you still aren't sure if it is really for you, think about what it offers. Online learning is convenient and provides flexibility to complete your coursework any time day or night. But, you may be wondering if online learning is different from taking the same course in a traditional classroom. Online courses are not for everyone. They require at least as much time and commitment as traditional courses. Before you consider taking an online course, make sure you have time to focus on your coursework, feel competent using computers, and have good reading and writing communication skills. Ask yourself the questions below before making your decision.

The online environment is not for everyone. Unfortunately, some people may have an unrealistic impression or the incorrect idea that taking online classes is the "easy" route. Although you might not have to attend classes, you will still need to:

  • read your textbooks and other materials
  • write papers
  • engage in class discussions with classmates/teachers by posting to discussion boards
  • complete activities, tests or other assessments
  • participate in individual and group projects
  • spend as much time on your online class as you would if attending on campus

In many ways, online courses can be more difficult than their traditional on-campus counterparts.

Getting Started in Canvas

For help getting started with Canvas review RCCD's non-graded course, Quest for Success. You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Training Documents

Faculty - Training Videos

New Instructional Tools - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

Accessibility Tools Overview (Beginner Level) - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

Accessibility Pitfalls and Solutions (Intermediate to Advanced Levels) - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

Returning to the Classroom with Canvas (Beginner Level) - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

New Features in Canvas (Intermediate to Advanced Level) - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021