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Professional Development Videos


What are our Educational Master Plan Goals?



Canvas 101




Norco College’s Organizational Structure


Data Magic KPI Dashboard Workshop


How to Request Research from NC Institutional Effectiveness


Governance Overview

DISCLAIMER:  All videos are auto-captioned and as is.


Recommended Length: 2 minutes to 20 minutes maximum

Platform: Zoom in Speaker View

Settings: Recording settings in Zoom are set by Dan Lambros and zoom link will be provided by him directly to the user.

Directions: Press “record,” record in one take (if needed you can pause during recording but be aware that it will be part of the recording, and then press stop.

Suggestions: Tape in a well-lit room with light on the speaker (beware of backlighting where light source is coming from behind the person). Practice your presentation before you record. Have a presentation to follow to stay organized.

Caution: Use of copyrighted material (images, music, videos/graphics) outside of the classroom is not allowed without written permission per Board Policy.

Link: The recording will be sent to Dan, and he will take care of it from there, including auto close captions. Dan has a shared folder.

Background: We encourage the use of a zoom background provided by Ruth Leal