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Student Laptop Loan Program

If you are interested in requesting a laptop, please click on the link below:

Laptop Request Form


Students requesting a laptop will be able to borrow a laptop for the academic term, provided that they are enrolled in at least (1) Norco College course for each term. If a student completely withdraws or transfers, they must return the laptop within 30 days. Students must return the item with all parts. The student is responsible for paying the replacement cost for the part (see table below). 


Item Type Replacement Cost
Laptop varies ($500 - $1700)
Laptop Adapter $30


By completing and submitting the form, you understand that you are requesting to borrow a laptop and agree to the terms stated above. Once the form is completed, please come to the library during the library open hours in order to finalize the laptop check out process. You will be required to provide proof of current enrollment for the semester that you are checking out the laptop. Proof of enrollment can include a screenshot of your class schedule.

Supplies are available on a first come, first served basis. NOTE: If you miss 2 pick-up appointments, you will be removed from the list and will need to submit a request form again.

For your convenience, library books can be returned ANYTIME in the blue library bookdrop located in Mustang Circle. Please do not return electronic items in the bookdrop.
Students needing to renew borrowed laptops for the current semester should complete the laptop request form. The first question on the laptop request form regards checking out a laptop for the first time or requesting a laptop renewal date.
The following comments are from students requesting laptops:
“It has become more and more challenging to complete my classes. I only have an iPad and that is why I use to complete my courses, unfortunately some of my professors use programs that are not supported on an iPad. For that reason, I have had to drop some classes in the past. If I were to obtain a laptop, I would be able to complete the courses I couldn’t in the past and I believe it will make completing my homework much easier.” 
“I currently travel to locations with free wifi and sit in my car to do my schoolwork, it would be easier if I was able to access wifi at my convenience because due to the pandemic, it's hard moving around.”
“At the moment I find my economic situation in a position where I can’t get my own internet source to assist my classes and to complete my work.” 
“We have one laptop to share among us three. Most textbooks are online now so additional time is needed on the computer. This laptop will be essential to college success.” 
“I am currently homeless, so I try to do my work in my car at my lunch break.” 
“I currently have 5 siblings and we only have one computer for all of us are in school and I couldn’t take the number of classes I wanted because I didn’t have a computer to do all my work on. I would be very great full if I got a laptop to borrow.”
“I have no computer to use so getting support access to a computer will help me out greatly.” 
“I’m living alone and I’m struggling to be able to buy a laptop or computer so this would be a huge support in being able to do the work assigned.” 
“I don’t have a laptop. I came to the United States last year and am attending college to learn English and chose a career. I’ve been using my phone or borrowing laptop.”
“The support of a laptop loan will help me complete my assignments. The current technology I own cannot support my academic needs.” 
“This will really support me mentally and financially.”
“I live in a 7 people household, 3 (including myself) are going to school and we all share one laptop. This will support my need to have assignments done on time instead of waiting to take turns to use the laptop.” 
“A laptop.. will definitely help me with my classes as I will be a full-time student this semester and it will let me focus on my schoolwork even better.”