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STEM Counselor Corner


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STEM Academic & Transfer Counseling

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Many STEM programs are highly competitive. Be sure to meet with a counselor early to learn what classes and GPA your major requires to be a competitive applicant. IMPORTANT NOTE: EduNav only plans required courses for your declared Norco major. EduNav doesn't know where you want to transfer and for what major. Therefore, some required courses you need to transfer may be missing from your EduNav plan. Also, your outside college coursework or AP/IB credit may not be reflected in your EduNav account and therefore the system may plan extra classes that you do not need. For these reasons it is important to meet with a counselor to customize your EduNav plan and ensure it accurately reflects your transfer goals. 


Guidance 46 - Introduction to the Transfer Process


It's never too early to start exploring your transfer options and meet with university reps. Each university offers a unique set of majors, faculty, research opportunities, support services, and campus environment. It is important to research several options so you can make an informed decision on which schools are the best fit for you! 



Utilize Norco College Transfer Center services:

  • Transfer Advising
  • Transfer Info Workshops
  • One-on-one University Rep Appointments
  • Transfer Application Assistance
  • Annual Transfer Fair 
Start your research HEREreview transfer  application timelines HERE, or register for GUI-46 to take a deep dive on your transfer options, requirements, application process, and financial factors.