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John F. Kennedy (JFK) Middle College High School

The concept of the middle college is not new, in fact middle colleges have been around for almost 50 years! In essence, a middle college is a partnership between a school district and their local community college which provides opportunities for high school students to take college level courses while completing high school. It is early access for students who have demonstrated a readiness and willingness to learn at a higher level.


College Enrollment

Students are enrolled in high school and college coursework at the same time. Students at JFKMCHS may take their college courses throughout the school day, in the evenings, or online. Their high school schedules are adjusted accordingly. As real college students, JFKMCHS students apply to Norco College, select, and add the college courses they wish to take. Students take their high school graduation requirements at JFKMCHS and they take some of the A‐G requirements and general education courses at the college. Each major term (Fall and Spring), JFKMCHS students may take up to 8 college units (the equivalent of 2 college classes).

Each minor term (Winter and Summer) they may take up to 5 college units (the equivalent of 1 college class). Juniors and Seniors who demonstrate academic achievement and success at Norco college may qualify for an overload of college units in the major terms (up to 11 college units, the equivalent of 3 college classes).