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Norco College Community Mosaic Mural 

NC Community Mosaic Mural
Norco College’s Racial Justice Taskforce (RJTF) was created in the summer of 2020 in response to the tipping point in our history of the killing of George Floyd and many others, in light of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the California State Chancellor’s Call to Action. The RJTF was a campus-wide task force composed of students, classified professionals, faculty, and administration committed to inclusivity and creating a college environment wherein the diverse students and employees we serve are supported and thrive. A subsection of the RJTF, the Celebrating Black and African American Culture Project Team was charged to identify means of celebrating African American and other historically marginalized student populations on campus. Following a year-long study that included student surveys, focus groups, and student panels, the team identified a lack of a welcoming and inclusive campus environment as one key aspect students wanted to change. This student request produced a desire to build an inclusive campus mural that served to visually reach and welcome students. 

Following the student’s appeal, the Norco College Community Mural has been purposefully designed to create a visual presence of inclusion on campus to ensure all students feel Norco College is a place that sees, values, and celebrates them and their culture. To facilitate the project, the team has identified a local muralist Erin Maroufkhani who will build a mural unique to our students’ vision and will not only feature our diverse students in the mural but will be created by the artistic labor of students and employees. The mural will be built using a mosaic process that allows collaboration and team building from the beginning to its final installation. Please join us and be part of Norco College history by attending one of the many assembly sessions happening this semester. 

Mosaic artist, Erin Maroufkhani, 

will provide an orientation and training in the art of mosaic.

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After attending orientation, 

scan or click the QR code below to reserve a time to work on the mosaic


Learn More about the artist Erin Maxwell Maroufkhani 

Mosaic Mural 

Mural Progress

*Students working on Mural -October 2023

Mural Project October 2023.png