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High School Enrollment

Did you know you could start earning college credits? Attend Norco College while you are still in High School.

The benefits of High School Enrollment

  • Increase the likelihood to attend and complete college once the student graduates from High School.
  • Be better prepared for college both academically and socially.
  • Opportunity to explore various careers and majors options before entering college.
  • Earn College credits while still enrolled in High School.
  • Most of our courses are transferable to 4-year universities, including UC and CSU systems.
  • Save money on college tuition. Tuition (Unit) fees are waived. It's FREE!!!

What is the difference between DUAL and CONCURRENT enrollment?

  • You are considered a Concurrent Enrollment student if you are taking a regular college class on campus (not at your High School). Eligibility and approval process  is a little bit different. Student is also responsible for some fees, including their own textbooks/materials. 
  • You are considered a Dual Enrollment student if you are taking classes offered at your High School or Online through your High School CCAP Agreement. All fees are waived, including the textbooks or materials for your class. You may earn High School credit (this is up to each School District) for College courses.
Dual Enrollment Spotlight Madelyn Torres
“I want to thank CNUSD, Roosevelt High School, and Norco College for coordinating the Dual Enrollment program. This is something that really prepared me for college and helped me get ahead,” said Torres. “I will be graduating from California State University, Fullerton with my bachelor's degree in political science a year and a half early.”
–Madelyn Torres, Norco College & Eleanor Roosevelt High School Dual Enrollment Alumni, Class of 2019 (read more)



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