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Norco College 25 Year Project

Norco College - The First 25 Years

In 2016 Norco College will celebrate its 25th anniversary. In preparation for that celebration, the Norco IMC staff is putting together a monthly historical perspective about the college and will be bringing you a regular visit to the past as they chronicle Norco's history through photographs, newspaper articles and special event memorabilia. We hope you enjoy these glimpses into the past with Norco College - The First 25 Years

A special thank you goes out to the staff of the IMC, Wilfred J. Airey Library, and Linda Reifschneider for their support of the project.  All rights to photographs and images remain the property of Norco College and the Riverside Community College District.  For permission and use of these images, please contact the Office of Strategic Communication and Relations.

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