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Student Spotlight: Kayla Magar

Age: 21
Major: Social Work

Why is attending and completing college important to you?
Attending and completing college is extremely important because it not only proves to me that I’m capable, but it also allows me to show my family that I’m not like my parents. It shows them I control my future.

What inspires you?
My motivation to provide my future family with things I couldn’t have is my biggest inspiration of all. I also am inspired by those I help and receive help from. It makes me want to make a difference.

How have campus support programs like Foster Youth Support Services helped you at Norco College?
Programs like EOPS and financial aid, which support foster youth at Norco, have been a huge part of my success. Without financial aid, I wouldn’t have been able to attend any of my classes because of how much money I didn’t have. EOPS made my dream of succeeding in college a reality. With their help, I was able to see the path I needed to take in order to achieve what I have. Their support, guidance, and caring gave me the push I needed.

If you could give a message to current foster youth, what would you say?
I would tell them its okay to be scared, but not okay to give up. There are so many opportunities out there for you and there are people who want to help. So take your future in your hands and change what your parents have given you. People will be waiting with open arms, eager to help.