Norco College Commercial Music Students Release: Take Me There
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Norco College Commercial Music Students Release: Take Me There

Take Me There: Commercial Music CD ReleaseStudents enrolled in the Norco College Commercial Music program have collaborated to produce Take Me There. The CD features nine songs, composed and performed by Norco College students under the direction of instructor Brady Kerr and program director Dina Humble. This CD was recorded entirely by students of Norco College in its new recording studio. All of the songs are original compositions.

Students featured on the CD have been enrolled in a Commercial Music program at the college and have taken Performance Techniques for the Recording Studio (MUC 1), Songwriting (MUC 2) and more. These courses have only been in place for two years for this particular endeavor.

The CD was produced by Dina Humble and Brady Kerr and released on Mark Records of New York, NY. It is available on iTunes,, and Verizon VCast----search for Norco College or any student name on the CD and there we are!

For more information and to download the album, visit the Music@Norco website.

Track List

  1. "Anywhere" written by Sarah Lee
  2. "Fly With Me" written by Vidane
  3. "You Fall, I Fall" written by Jackie Contreras & Kenton Goodburn
  4. "Take Me There" written by Sam Duhart
  5. "F(r)iend" written by Jourdan Montano & Shawn McClure
  6. "Release Me" written by Adrian Umali, Shawn McClure & Jackie Contreras
  7. "From the Lights Off the Graves" written by Sarah Ortega
  8. "Shut Down" written by Felicia Delaisla
  9. "Last Words" written by Tony Aleman & Jackie Contreras