CTE Collaborates w/ Top Companies to Create Apprenticeship Program
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CTE Collaborates w/ Top Companies to Create Apprenticeship Program
Supply Chain Automation Technician Apprenticeship Program

Norco College CTE Collaborates with top companies to create Apprenticeship program

Norco College CTE is collaborating with Target, Fender and Walmart to create a new Supply Chain Automation Technician Apprenticeship Program.  This is part of a $500,000 grant awarded by the California Apprenticeship Initiative to develop and launch new apprenticeships in the Inland Empire region.

What is apprenticeship?

Often referred to as an earn-and-learn program, apprenticeship is a method of career development that combines on-the-job training with relevant classroom education.  In this program, businesses can partner with Norco College CTE by forming cooperative learning tracks among their workforce.  Upon completion of their program, apprentices receive a college certificate that demonstrates professional competencies and skills in their chosen field.  These certificates are valued by industry because employers recognize that graduates of apprenticeships can apply technical knowledge in addition to learned skills.  Norco College CTE classes in the apprenticeship program can also be used to pursue two year associate degrees.

What is Norco College CTE doing that is new and innovative?

The state of California has a large apprenticeship system with thousands of apprentices, but expanding this method of learning into occupations outside of the construction building trades requires a new and innovative approach.  As the host college for the National Center for Supply Chain Automation, Norco College CTE has invested in supply chain automation education and have developed strong relationships with businesses in the supply chain industry.  Alongside our industry partners, Norco College CTE aligned its existing curriculum with on-the-job training components and created a national template for a registered apprenticeship program.  This new apprenticeship program will mean businesses can engage the training of technicians by using the college as a formal education partner.  In addition, Supply Chain Automation Technicians can earn an industry valued certification backed by the Department of Labor, which is recognized across the country.  A registered apprenticeship program in supply chain automation creates a visible entry point to a growing occupation and industry.

How to Get Involved:

Whether you are an employer looking to establish a better training model among your workforce, or an individual interested getting a jump-start in a new occupation, Norco College CTE can help.  Apprenticeships benefit businesses and workers by focusing on skill development in partnership with higher education.  The building-blocks of a program are fairly simple – businesses simply identify an occupation and learning objectives.  We can create an apprenticeship that provides businesses with a way to recruit, develop, and retain professionals while offering prospective candidates an entry point to skilled occupations. 

Contact Charles Henkels, Apprenticeship director, and get started today. Charles.Henkels@norcocollege.edu.