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Wireless Network


RCCD_Inet allows users to access the internet without having to login over and over again. There is no time limit to this network and no splash screen before you login. The network is also encrypted and more secure. This is the preferred wireless network!

All users need to follow RCCD's Board Policy AP 3720, Computer and Network Use

NOTE: this wireless network is not a replacement for the Internet_LAN.

How to Connect to a Wireless Network

  1. On your device, find the wireless connection icon. It might look like one of these: WIRELESS ICON
  2. Find the wireless network you would like to connect to (RCCD_iNet)
  3. Click Connect
    NOTE: If asked to select an EAP Method, select PEAP 
  4. You will be prompted to login using your own username and password.
    1. STUDENTS: Know your student email address.
      e.g. if your email address is, your username would be adavis19. Your password is your 8-digit birthday in the MMDDYYYY format.

    2. UPDATED: STAFF/FACULTY: Use your FULL email address and password.
      e.g., and your current email password.

      NOTE: If your device shows a certificate message, review it. If it is from,, or and issued by Entrust, select the Trust button to continueThis is the case for most Apple (iOS) devices. 

    3. GUESTS: See information on the Guest network below.

Wireless Guest Network (RCCD_Guest)

RCCD_Guest wireless network is available on the three Colleges. This wireless service is for guests to access the network without contacting the Helpdesk or completing a wireless access form. The guest account will allow users two hours of access before needing to login again by providing an email address. This service may not be available at the satellite campuses or district sites.

  • Users of the Guest wireless network will be limited to accessing the CCCApply and District Websites only.
  • Any non-student guest (i.e. a guest speaker, vendor, or other) will need to have a sponsor from the department they are visiting or representing. Contact with their full contact information and a guest account will be provided to them with a 24 hour access window.

NOTE: Access by way of Internet_LAN remains unchanged.